Creating Aligned Strength: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Lori received a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, a certification in Expressive Arts Therapy from Sky Mountain Institute, and is registered as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She is also a certified yoga instructor and a contemporary artist.

Throughout her career, Lori has enjoyed working with individual clients and groups of all ages, utilizing the powerful modality of Expressive Arts. She is supportive and passionate about combining connection, expression, and imagination on a journey with clients as they explore their creativity.  Clients gain self-awareness, a deepened internal relationship, and the ability to trust their intuition working in a safe environment with Lori’s expressive arts tools and guidance.

The experience of Expressive Arts isn’t merely “therapy”. While it is therapeutic in nature, Expressive Arts reveals a powerful rejuvenated connection with your spirit and inner wisdom, leaving you present and eager to guide, love, and heal from the inside out.

“I have utilized Expressive Arts in my personal processing of life experiences as well as professionally. I have always found this work to be profound, powerful, creative, and freeing. Expressive Arts sessions leave you feeling more grounded, with a sense of clarity that empowers, connects, and aligns you with your authentic truth.”

Lori’s professional experience has focused on working with girls and women of all ages, pertaining to all types of life experiences. She has led meditation and Expressive Arts groups designed to overcome the challenges associated with:

• Fertility
• Family Relationships
• Pregnancy
• Divorce
• Post-Partum
• Feeling “Stuck”
• Motherhood
• Eating Disorders
• Life Transitions
• Grief/ Loss

Lori’s sessions are unique, as she weaves creative visualization into the process, and assists clients with the removal of blocks and barriers, and lights a path toward clarity and manifestation of goals and dreams.

“I honor and hold sacred the process of depth work, and acknowledge that it takes courage and a willingness to grow for one to realize her authentic truth. Identifying, understanding and processing barriers allow us to journey from a “stuck” position to a place of joy, confidence and freedom.  There is a power and wisdom within our spirit that can guide us to love ourselves and others and to live the life we desire.”

You can reach Lori to schedule an appointment at (858) 229-1629 or


What is Expressive Arts Facilitation?

  • A visible form of communications and self expression.
  • An alternative way to deepen, explore and express.
  • A multi-dimensional form of expression, tapping into both the conscious and unconscious mind
  • A way to release, gain insight, and transform without words.
  • A healthy and fun way to externalize parts of ourselves.
  • A spontaneous creation process and expression of Self.
  • ‘Imaging’ what words may not be able to capture
  • When we listen to and express the sensations in our body, beforewe articulate and put words to a feeling or emotion.
  • An exploration, growth and development.
  • A process requiring a willingness, an open heart and mind to receive a freeing experience and the gift of image.
  • A way to transcend blocks and limitations

Who can benefit from Expressive Arts Facilitation?

  • Wanting to gain more self awareness and acceptance of Self.
  • Wanting to express inner material in a non-judgmental, freely accepting, safe container, so that a deepening and insight can occur.
  • Wanting to experience of a freeing of self expression
  • Wanting to ‘let go’, ‘play’, ‘tap in imagination’, similarly to the child we all once were and still contain within.
  • Wanting to tap into the mystery and personal meanings of life experiences.
  • Wanting to be empowered and to find the wisdom within.
  • Wanting to challenge self, grow and gain compassion for the self and others by ‘letting go of the ‘inner
  • Wanting to propel forward and break through barriers of flow in our lives.

What To Expect

Note: you do not need to know – in fact expect surprises when working with the unconscious.


In prep for your online session:
1. Create a quiet space free of interruptions- this is your sacred time and space to allow your creative spirit to be free.
2. Bring a playful spirit, beginners mind, leave the critic behind.

Shopping List

1. Large paper newspaper print, multimedia or drawing paper
2. Pastels and craypas
3. Any cut out images that speak to or represent aspects we exploring
4. Stick Glue
5. Pencil
6. Pen
7. Marker
8. A journal
9. Paper Towel (for clean up)

For Our Session

Ability for your camera on your phone or lap top to shift so you can be seen as you create.

What To Wear

Comfy clothes that you don’t mind getting messy ( if it happens)

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While Lori is an expressive arts therapist and expressive arts facilitation is healing and therapeutic in nature, this is NOT therapy. Lori is licensed in the state of TX, not in California. Those seeking therapy should seek the assistance with a licensed therapist in your area.

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