” I have known Lori for 14 years, as a fellow student, colleague and friend. She has always been enthusiastic, bright, fun, talented and incredibly intuitive. Whether she is painting one of her gorgeous canvases or helping a client as an Expressive Arts therapist, she puts her whole self into it. The results are beyond amazing.”

  • Dee Dee Just -MFT

” The Renfrew Center of Texas was fortunate to have Lori as our experiential therapist before she moved to California. She was always so warm and present with the girls and women in our program for treatment of their eating disorders. The ability to “get out of one’s head and into one’s body” cannot be underestimated in the treatment of eating disorders. It can be terrifying to even be asked to approach that goal. Lori was able to encourage and accept each individual where they were in their recovery journey. I truly admire her ability to make a space safe enough to do good therapy work through the creative and expressive process.”

  • Kiersten Rapstine -LPC-S, Clinical Supervisor, The Renfrew Center of Texas

” Lori Reeves is full of life and energy and she brings into her yoga teachings. Whats always amazing is it becomes contagious I am always feel so much more alive after taking any of her classes. She also brings in a spiritual element that supports the student to discover that connection for themselves. I would take any of her classes any day of the week. She is truly a gift.”

  • Lisa Saremi -500 hr Yoga Certified, Certified Holistic Health Coach

The first time when I came across Lori’s paintings, I was amazed by her ability to transform raw human energy and emotions into beautiful artworks that encompassed myriad textures and colors and managed to stay with you for long. I love how she is not constrained by landscape and portraits and finds subjects that are layered, unseen, yet deeply connected to us. I am proud to own one of her paintings and it makes my home a little more special than it already was.

  • Chasity Beart

I am a long-time collector Lori’s paintings as I find her abstract artwork as a perfect representation of our layered psyche on canvas. I look forward to continuing my association with her and her paintings.

  • Elaina Ledoyen

Lori’s paintings are truly beautiful and never fails to put a smile on my face.

  • Hayden Swain

Lori’s artwork is not only inspiring but also quite enigmatic like our collective unconsciousness. Lori puts a lot of textures, colors, and movement onto the canvas which makes her paintings beautiful, intriguing, and calming at the same time.

  • Raven Gugino

Thank you, Lori, for painting such beautiful contemporary artworks. Your signature style of painting creates a wonderful atmosphere to wherever your artwork is installed.

  • Tamara Watson

Lori Landry artworks are like an escape for me from reality. I find her paintings engaging and calming.

  • Tom Bacon
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